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a woman laying in a red hammock with her feet up on the ground
off ground - playful seating elements for public spaces
off ground - playful seating elements for public spaces :: rejected fire hoses were used as material for the seating elements
two wooden benches sitting on top of a pier next to a lake with a rainbow in the sky
Finnland holidays
the words i love you to the moon and back are written in cursive writing
nordic leaves
nordic leaves-tumbler
an open field with green grass and clouds in the sky above it, on a sunny day
Above Motala, Sweden
a foggy field with trees in the distance
Photo by Kevin Day.
the sun is setting over the ocean with a bridge in the background
Парковочная страница R01
The Öresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark in the beautiful midsummer sunset
an abstract painting with blue, pink and white squares in the center on a gray wall
Gathered-Light-2006 James Turrell
an empty library with wooden shelves and bookshelves filled with books in the middle
Liyuan Library by Li Xiaodong Atelier
The Liyuan Library, 2hrs outside of Beijing. With a concept for a serenity-focused public space in mind, the library's designers used the mountain landscape as inspiration. The resulting building is constructed from sticks gathered in the village and lets in only natural light, helping the modest structure blend into its surroundings.
the sun is shining through the clouds in the sky
Roof open. Car ride to the Cape. View out the sun roof. Open skies. #summershere #openskies #clouds #summer #vaycaycay #nofilter #aaah #exhale #travel
an empty room with a wooden platform in the middle and light coming from above it
kyoko ikuta architecture laboratory + ozeki architects & associates: forest bath
shadows cast on the floor and walls of an intricately designed building with arched windows
Sun through a screen
the inside of a building with a large round window
a person standing on top of a roof at sunset
Theo Gosselin
Amiens: the Perret tower and the Cathedral: the most beautiful in the world! Theo Gosselin photograph
a bed room with a neatly made bed and a fire place
In Paris - Images: Andreas Meichsener for nytimes.com ★sleep on the deck