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the bead portrait is made up of beads and other things to make it look like an art project
Bead portrait
nspiration is everywhere if you know where to look. Here’s to all the inspirational women, doing what they do best. Who’s your favourite female trailblazer?
an origami bird sitting on top of a tree branch with the words diy birds in front of it
Beads of a feather will stick together. Invite spring in early and feather your nest with these cute little birdies 🐤🐦 After all, you know what they say about the early bird…​​
the diy mobile bag is made from woven material
Mobile bag
All set for NYE! 🕺🍾 This stunning 2.0 take on the 1930s beaded evening bag is perfect for bag necessities like your phone and lipstick💋
an assortment of different colored legos laid out on top of a cement surface with text overlay that reads diy angel
This post comes with a bliss. What else on Earth makes you feel like this? Get your beads and get a heavenly connection with these adorable little angles
a christmas tree made out of plastic letters on a shelf next to other holiday decorations
Christmas deco
We so, ho, ho love Christmas! And if you want to get all Christmassy too, well, look no further. Super-simple DIY Christmas decorations that’ll put a twinkle in your eye
a woman wearing a green hat with fringes on it's head and the words, diy fashion
To all you fashionistas out there, what a pearl! Straight from the catwalk - now bead it. You’ve got no time to lose if you want this done before the Christmas parties or New Years. Make 2023 roar!​
the cover of diy autumn jewelry featuring colorful bracelets and leaves on a tree branch
Design your own bracelets or find inspiration in ours.
Start making these amazing Mini bead bracelets. Simply nature’s colour palette on a string 🧵🪡 DIY or do it together, while enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate?
Hama pencil case
Get ready to impress on your first day at school! This pencil case will surely be the talk of the classroom and it is the perfect project to fulfil before summer vacation is over. In our design lab we tested different styles, and we ended up loving this one which consists of 18 rows with 84 beads and a stiched bottom panel of 4 rows with 37 beads. This makes perfect room for the pencils and other stationery you might need. To make your own pencil case, you'll need a 20 cm long zipper, some elastic thread, and these beads: ✏️ no. 9 ✏️ no. 48 ✏️ no. 64 ✏️ no. 95 ✏️ no. 96 ✏️ no. 97 Happy first day at school to all!
Name tags for school bags
Difficulty: Easy Our creative team has designed these cute and practical name tags and school bag accessories using Hama Beads for your kids. Swipe to find the pattern. To make our Hama nametags, you'll need pegboard no. 276 or 329, our Hama connector 4902, and our beads:⁣⁣ • no. 01⁣⁣ • no. 77⁣⁣ • no. 82⁣⁣ • no. 95⁣⁣ • no. 01/18⁣⁣ To make our 3D Hama pineapple, you'll need pegboard no. 223, 276, or 329, our Hama connector 4902, and our Hama beads: • no. 03⁣⁣ • no. 05 • ⁣⁣no. 10 • ⁣⁣no. 83⁣⁣ To make our 3D Hama bunny, you'll need pegboard no. 223, 276, or 329, our Hama connector 4902, and our Hama beads: • no. 01⁣⁣ • no. 83⁣ • no. 95 • no. 98⁣⁣
two small cross stitch cactuses sitting on top of a piece of brown paper
Calendar and bullet journals decorations
We’ve made these Hama decorations ideal for gluing on your journal, diary, or calendar. The perfect way to personalize and spice up your calendars or journals. ⁣ To make the decorations you'll need pegboard mini no. 594 and our Hama mini beads: ⁣ Hama Cactus 1:⁣ ● no. 01⁣ ● no. 10⁣ ● no. 11⁣ ● no. 18⁣ ● no. 43⁣ ● no. 75⁣ ● no. 76⁣ ⁣ Hama Cactus 2:⁣ ● no. 10⁣ ● no. 11⁣ ● no. 12⁣ ● no. 18⁣ ● no. 76⁣ ⁣ Hama Leaf:⁣ ● no. 02⁣ ● no. 19⁣ ● no. 27⁣ no. 60⁣ no. 75⁣ no. 76⁣