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an image of a sea shell made out of perfored beads on the sand
Hama Seashell
Look what we found on the beach! It is our freshest summer project - a large bead seashell 🐚 Why not make it your very own bead project for the summer? We'd love to see YOUR version! Set your creativity free using all of your favourite colours and as many gemstones as you like! 💎🌈 Do you want to know the colours we have used? Visit our Instagram 👉
beaded butterflies sitting on top of purple flowers
Hama beads butterflies
The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and majestic butterflies are dancing in the air 🦋Using our Mini beads, we've designed these colourful butterflies for you to bring some of that lovely spring atmosphere inside your home 🌸🌺🦋
an image of a cross stitch bunny with easter eggs on the ground next to it
Hama Easter bunny
Is the Hama Easter bunny going to visit you and your kids this year? You'll just need pegboard 234 and these beads: ●no. 01 ●no. 05 ●no. 11 ●no. 12 ●no. 43 ●no. 45 ●no. 60 ●no. 75 ●no. 76 ●no. 77 ●no. 78 ●no. 96 ●no. 98
three penguins are standing next to each other in front of a blue background with the words hama on it
Hama penguins
Make your own lovely Hama penguin family with our beads! It’s always fun to make beaded pegboards and especially when they are as cute as this little family. Swipe to the right to find the pattern, and let the fun games begin. To make your own penguin family you’ll need our pegboard 234 x 5 and these beads:⁣ ● no. 01⁣ ● no. 02⁣ ● no. 03⁣ ● no. 17⁣ ● no. 18⁣ ● no. 26 ● no. 43⁣ ● no. 60⁣ ● no. 70⁣ ● no. 71⁣ ● no. 77⁣ ● no. 79⁣ ● no. 83⁣ ● no. Mix 90⁣
a pink seahorse is on the wooden surface with shells and seashells around it
Hama seahorse
We got a creative DIY project just for you! In our lab, we've designed this large, one-of-a-kind Hama seahorse, and we would love to see YOUR creative version of the seahorse! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ To make our marvelous seahorse, you'll need five of our pegboards no. 234 and these colors:⁣ ⁣⁣ ● no. 01⁣⁣ ● no. 06⁣⁣ ● no. 18⁣⁣ ● no. 70⁣⁣ ● no. 77⁣⁣ ● no. 82⁣⁣ ● no. 83⁣⁣ ● no. 84⁣⁣ ● no. 95⁣