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a woman with black hair and gold eyeshades is looking off to the side
I am in an elven abyss and it has been glorious. These have been a work in progress for a couple of weeks and took a while to nurture to a place where I love them. I usually abandon the concepts that don’t take some hopeful shape sooner than these but for some reason I couldn’t quit these. With that, they’re pretty repetitive but there are little nuances that I like about each of these. You may or may not notice the size of their ears, they’re um… large and they can hear for miles and I don’t...
Pretty People To Draw, Looking Up Pose, Weird Makeup Looks, Interesting Makeup, Desain Editorial, Foto Art, Eye Makeup Art, Hair Reference, Portrait Inspiration
妆容 | 2022的N个我/🎨调色盘的浪漫 cr:云子
a man in a suit with horns on his head
a woman with white makeup and wings on her chest
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a black and white photo of a woman's face
Bitterness; the Silent Disease of Women