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a bunch of sticks that have some plants on them in front of a white wall
a circular piece of art made out of yarn
Not a lot going on at the moment… #roundweaving #fiberart #wovenwallhanging #roundie | Instagram
a white plate topped with yarn and flowers
some fabric and scissors are laying on the floor
Locker hook textures
Honestly having SO MUCH FUN!
Embracing summer vibes ☀️🌻🎨💫
Embracing summer vibes with a sunflower tapestry! ☀️🌻 Surprisingly easy to make - just unwind, relax, and let the creativity flow! 🎨💫
Continuous Rya Loops
WEAVE • WITH • ME: Watch me as I make continuous RYA LOOPS ✨
Mini Rainbow Clouds
It’s raining rainbows over here 🌈 ✨
おうちでチクチク! お部屋にパンチニードルを飾ろう|オンラインレッスンCLASS101
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a table next to a piece of knitted material
Floral en crudo 🤗 Hecho con Decoagujas de @mercadodehaciendo en medidas mini y mini larga. . . #decoaguja#punchneedle #handmade…” • Aug 20, 2020 at 4:03pm UT