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a painting of a little mouse with pigs in the grass holding a large watering can
Setanta Books : Rare and Collectable Photography and Books
From 'The Tale of Little Pig Robinson' by Beatrix Potter published by the Folio Society. It's a gorgeous set of the 23 stories, with gold gilded pages, lovely illustrations and a blue case to keep them.
a drawing of a dog standing on top of a snow covered hill with sheep in the background
Beatrix Potter · V&A
Beatrix Potter, ‘Sketch of Kep guarding sheep’ © Frederick Warne
a dog is looking at a duck in front of him and another bird near the door
norman warne beatrix potter
norman warne beatrix potter - Buscar con Google
a drawing of a woman standing in front of a table with a candle on it
The Tale of Tom Kitten -Tabitha Twitchit, Tom Kitten, Mittens and Moppet
two cats are playing with each other on the ground in front of a flower pot
The Tale Of Tom Kitten
two cats are playing with each other in the grass, while another cat looks on
Tale of Tom Kitten. Beatrix Potter.
a drawing of a cat and a mouse looking at each other's eyes,
Beatrix Potter Books
Beatrix Potter