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a white plate with a drawing of a rabbit on it's face and hair blowing in the wind
two painted rocks sitting on top of a cardboard box next to each other with flowers growing out of them
Bemalte Steine, Acryl Kunst, Painted Stones, Blume Flower am Meer Strand Seaside Möwen
Toilet Roll / Paper Tube Christmas Craft for kids: REINDEER
a small white angel figurine with a flower in its hair next to a pink and white flower
a nativity figurine with a baby in his lap and an adult standing next to it
Christmas peg dolls
a painted rock sitting on top of a tree stump with two birds perched on it
a little toy doll with a red bow on her head sitting on a floral background
a small doll is standing on a white surface and wearing a blue polka dot dress
a painted rock with a green and yellow dragon sitting on it's back legs
small wooden figurines sitting on top of a doily next to a potted plant
a rock with a tree painted on it sitting in front of some rocks and stones
a wooden figurine with black hair and blue dress sitting on top of a table
two wooden figurines sitting on top of a piece of wood next to a plant
two small wooden pegs with green leaves on them sitting on a piece of wood