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love the molding hiding the curtain rod
Repin if you could use one of these! With flameless candles, of course ;) #Flameless #Candles #CandleImpressions
Frontgate loves bubble baths. So do I. When I see these new houses built with showers only I'm amazed. Nothing more relaxing then a long soak with my favorite foaming bath salts.❤️


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a woman working on a large piece of art
How To Paint Stunning, Realistic Stained Glass
a gazebo in the middle of a garden with statues on it's sides
this is a bedroom with a bed in the shape of a castle and stairs leading up to it
Forever Fall & Halloween🎃🍁 | Haunted sleeping | Facebook
an ornate bedroom with chandelier and large windows
a refrigerator with plants growing on it in a kitchen
a room that has a boat in it with lots of lights on the ceiling and windows
a bench with an umbrella attached to it in the snow next to a street light
It's a beautiful world