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there are several desserts on the wooden platter with berries and whipped cream topping
Walesstang med creme | opskrifter |
a yellow egg sitting on top of crackers next to a white plate with the words nem ableglaze
Nem æbleglaze med husblas og glukosesirup - Danish Things
several muffins are sitting on a plate
Rabarbermuffins med marcipan - nem opskrift |
a close up of some bread on a pan
Kringle med luxusfyld
three pies sitting on top of a metal rack covered in wax paper next to each other
Lagkagebunde - En god gammel opskrift som er gået i arv... » Nyborgs Room
chocolate covered desserts with flowers on them sitting on top of a wooden table, ready to be eaten
Try using the outside of a small bowl covered in plastic wrap JKR
a loaf of bread sitting on top of an oven
kærnemælks franskbrød og gulerod, æble, spinat boller
Kærnemælks franskbrød (2 jævnt store stk. i 30x10,5 cm form) og Gulerods, æble, spinat boller ca. 20 stk.