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a group of colorful buildings sitting on top of a white floor next to each other
Fused glass art Villa villa kulla
a colorful glass sculpture with houses painted on it
Multi Colour Beach Huts Fused Glass Curve
an art piece is hanging on the wall
Fused Glass Whimsical Houses on the Hill
Fused Glass Whimsical Houses on the Hill
colorful glass houses are sitting on a table top with zebra print paper and black cat in the background
Birthe Erstvang's Glass Houses
a painting on the side of a building with houses and stars hanging from it's sides
Wall Art
Wall Art - Glass Art
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table
au jardin…
mosaic by Michelle Combeau
a wooden boat that has some houses on it's back and is painted green, blue, red and white
Houses on the hill - Kirsty Elson Designs
this is an art project made with glass and clay, it looks like a house in the sky
13 x 18 cm glass houses
a painting with houses and a tree on it
Gallery of Work
confusion art studio - Gallery of Work
a colorful city is on top of a black stand
fused glass city ripe for godzilla
there are six small glass houses in the middle of each other on this tile table
En by i udvikling
Landsbyforeningen St. Restrup :: Billeder
there is a glass picture frame with a house and tree on it
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House on a Hill Whimsical House Series by artisticflair on Etsy