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a table topped with lots of plants and flowers next to a window filled with candles
Home page | Claus Dalby
flowers are in vases on top of wooden crates
Home page | Claus Dalby
a man standing in front of a greenhouse with potted plants on either side of him
Kreativitet på højt plan
About me
a wooden crate filled with purple flowers on top of a table
Home page | Claus Dalby
a man is watering flowers in a greenhouse
Mandag d. 19. maj holder jeg foredrag i Vejle
four pictures of flowers in vases on a table and an article about how to use them
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many potted plants are lined up on the ground in front of an outdoor garden
Claus Dalby - min grønne verden
many different types of flowers in pots on the ground
Home page | Claus Dalby
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a potted plant with eggs in it sitting on a window sill next to a door
Claus Dalby - mit haveliv
a bed made out of wooden pallets on a porch
Bloggen er fjernet
four different shots of a living room with couches, tables and other things in it
Palleterrassen – sådan bygger du en day-and-night bed og en bænk af eu-paller
terrasse med bænk og day-and-nightbed af #eu-paller
an aerial view of a small backyard garden with seating and flowers on the lawn, as seen from above
Step-by-Step Patio Planning
Small garden with a patio. Like the concept of the circular lawn, just a little bigger
an outdoor garden area with various plants growing in the planter and attached to a gazebo
Free Standing Pallet Herb Garden - DIY Show Off ™ - DIY Decorating and Home Improvement Blog
Free Standing Pallet Herb Garden Tutorial on DIYshowoff at
a green house with potted plants and flowers on the table in front of it
Mias Interiør / New Room Interior / Interiørkonsulent Maria Rasmussen
love this cottage!!
a bird's nest is sitting on a bench next to flowers and a stuffed animal
Aiken House & Gardens
Easter/Spring front porch...need to take a trip to the flea markets!!