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an old fashioned doll house with clothes and accessories in it's display case on a white background
two dolls in a blue box on a table
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a doll house with furniture and accessories in it
French Dollhouse Salon Ensemble with Original Upholstery
an open suitcase filled with lots of different types of pastries and desserts on plates
French Porcelain Doll's Dinner Service with Rare Paper-mache Food
French hamper for a doll kitchen, ca. 1890. 14" by 10" box. The paper decorated wooden box hinges open to reveal a shelved interior with porcelain dinner service for four, featuring a bounty of serving dishes, along with glass goblets and decanters, cutlery, and a bottom pull-out drawer filled with 13 plates of paper-mache "food" ranging from roasts to desserts.
a doll is standing next to a display case filled with teacups and saucers
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an open tea set in a case on a table
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an antique porcelain tea set in a box