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two people sitting at a table in an empty room with pink drapes on the walls
Gallery of Sony Music Berlin / studio karhard - 10
two different rooms, one with purple walls and the other with blue furniture in it
Better Together: Color Combinations You Might Not Have Thought of That Really Work
Color Combinations You Might Not Have Thought of That Really Work | From complementary colors to unexpected pairings that bring colorful and playful texture and drama to any space.
two pictures of a living room with furniture and decor on the walls, one in front of an open fire place
50's Style Parisian Apartment
a living room with blue and pink walls, white stairs and a chair in the corner
79 hallway ideas to make a great first impression
Forskellige farver i samme imråde - fx trappeopgang
a room with green walls and white doors, an area rug on the wooden floor
19 Reasons It's Time to Finally Ditch Your Boring White Bedroom Walls
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an image of a living room with green walls and white trim on the fireplace mantel
How 14 Popular Paint Colors Look In Actual Rooms
Oregano by Benjamin Moore. That's the paint color I want for our living room (in between floor to ceiling bookshelves)
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place next to a fireplace covered in candles
Very colorful interiors
Very colorful interiors
a room with two chairs and a table covered in books on top of the floor
Farrow & Ball’s Colorful Modern Molding Technique
Brun hvid turkis
a bathroom with blue, yellow and white walls
This Funky Student Apartment in Madrid Makes Us Want to Go Back to College
After: The third bathroom is the most vibrant of all, inspired by the vivid hues found at the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech. Even the grout is eye-catching; the duo developed its teal color with the installer.
a bathroom with green and white tiles on the walls, a red bowl in the middle
49 Affordable Green Bathroom Design Ideas - HOOMDSGN
the shelves are filled with dishes and glasses
Humble Abode · Miss Moss
Hylder hylder hylder
a room with two chairs, a table and bookshelves on the wall in front of a window
finn juhl’s mid-century home in denmark
finn juhl (1912 – 1989), a danish architect and furniture designer, and his wife inge-marie skaarup built and furnished their mid-century house located just outside of copenhagen in 1941-42. more i…
a dining room table with green chairs around it
House of Finn Juhl - Noden • Original Vintage Scandinavian Furniture Singapore
Finn Juhl built his house at Kratvænget No. 15 in Ordrup outside Copenhagen, together with his first wife, Inge-Marie Skaarup. It was his ambition to create a home, where he had designed every single detail himself, and to create an overall, general look. He achieved this in 1942, when the b
a living room filled with furniture and a painting on the wall
Finn Juhl's House — Copenhagen — Haarkon
Living Room at Finn Juhl's House Copenhagen