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several gift boxes with gold polka dots on them and the words til og fra kort
the glitter stickers are on top of white and gold polka dot paper, with a black ornament hanging from it
several wrapped gift boxes with polka dots on them
five different colored tags with gold and black dots on them, one has a polka dot design
a gift tag tied to a white and gold polka dot wrapping paper with pink ribbon
gift boxes wrapped in gold and white polka dot paper with tags tied to the top
a white christmas tree with black and gold ornaments hanging from it's branches in the dining room
a white christmas tree with black and gold decorations
a white christmas tree decorated with black and gold ornaments, pink and silver paper decorations
someone is making a christmas tree out of cardboard and then cutting it with a sharpie
someone is cutting out the shape of a paper christmas tree with a sharpie pen
a printable christmas tree with the word print me on it in black and white
the table is set with plates, silverware and party hats on it's placemats