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MAKE YOUR BED IN HOTEL STYLE 🛌 You can easily create a luxury atmosphere known from 5 star hotel rooms in your own bedroom. Using just two single duvets and pillows it's quick and easy to make your bed in hotel style. Watch the video and see how 💛 #bedroom #bedroominspiration #hotelstyle #luxuryhotel #makeyourbed #bed #duvets #pillows #makeyoubedhotelstyle #hackyourbed #hackyourbedroom
a bed sitting in a bedroom next to two windows
The Feeling Of Hotel In Your Own Home
Floor-length curtains in the bedroom create calm and a feeling of relaxation. Floor-length curtains almost make your bedroom feel like being in a hotel.
an unmade bed with white sheets and blankets on it in the corner of a room
Zen In the Home
Create zen in your home with calm and muted colours and natural materials such as wood.
a white bed sitting next to a window in a bedroom under a painting on the wall
Get the Feeling of Luxury With A Headboard
Give your bedroom a stylish and luxurious feeling with a headboard - so it almost feels like being in a hotel. The headboard also makes the seating comfort better if, for example, you are reading a book.
a bed with white linens and pillows in a bedroom next to a wallpapered wall
Get a Romantic Feeling at Home
If you dream of a romantic, seaside hotel atmosphere, then high panels are the solution. If you are not so lucky that you already have the high panels at home, then you can easily make them yourself.
a bedroom with white walls and wooden floors
Decorate with Colours
The safest way to decorate with colours is to keep walls and larger furniture in calm and neutral colours, and then get some knick-knacks, pictures and smaller furniture in playful colours. If one day you get tired of the colours, then you can easily change your knick-knacks.
a bed sitting next to a night stand on top of a white floor in a bedroom
A Beautiful and Decorative Fireplace
Do you have an old fireplace that can no longer be used? Then there is no need to remove it - an old fireplace is super decorative and beautiful to have.
a white bed sitting next to a window on top of a hard wood floored floor
Calm Atmosphere in the Bedroom
If you dream of more peace and atmosphere in your bedroom, then paint the ceiling in a muted and calm color. The painted ceiling also gives a beautiful constant to the white walls.
a bed with white drapes over it's head and pillows on top of it
A Dreamy Bed Canopy
Mathilde and Belinda have made their own bed canopy - and you can easily do the same with just curtains and a frame of wood. We love their bed canopy.
a bedroom with white walls and wooden floors
Decorate with a Radiator Cover
Incorporate your radiator cover into the decor, by using the space on top of the radiator cover as a shelf.
an open door leading to a white bedroom
Incorporate You Bedroom into the Rest of Your Decor
If you have decorated your bedroom beautifully, there is no reason to hide it behind closed doors. Let the bedroom be a part of the rest of the decor with, for example, french doors so you can look into it.
a bedroom with white walls and wood flooring has a bed that is made up
Small bedroom with room divider
The bedroom is hidden behind a light, semi-transparent room divider that creates a little privacy but lets the light flow through.
a bed room with a neatly made bed and a potted plant in the corner
Colourful and personal bedroom
Create a personal look in the bedroom by adding some colours. See the minty wall, red lamps and yellow bedding.
a white bed sitting next to a window in a bedroom
Simple bedroom in neutral colours
The bedroom is kept simple. The bed is made of a remnant of Bornholm floorboards and filled with textiles that soften the expression. The bedspread is from LinenMe, while the pillows and bedding are from Ikea.
a bed sitting in a bedroom next to a window covered in blue sheets and blankets
Nice bedroom in warm colors
A large bed in the bedroom for the whole family to sleep in. The two layers of curtains gives the room a nice feeling of being in a hotelroom. The light blue color for the linens looks perfect with the brown walls and the wooden floor.