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a man laying on top of a bed with a baby next to his face and hands
a woman holding a child in her arms and smiling at the camera while standing next to a brick building
UNICEF Canada : For Every Child
a man carrying a baby in a sling on his back and smiling at the camera
Tribal African Faces - Black Lion Rising
a woman holding a baby in her arms and wearing a blue turban on top of her head
Portraits, World Cultures, African Tribes, African Children, Congo
Burkina Faso
black and white photograph of a young boy wrapped up in a blanket, standing next to a rock wall
The child shepherds of Ethiopia who trek across mountains to survive
The child shepherds of Ethiopia: Lugging livestock on their backs, children as young as five are forced to trek miles through the mountains just to survive
a woman carrying a large pot on her head while standing in front of a tree
Print of Burundi. A woman uses traditional pots to transport her goods to market
a woman carrying a child on her back while walking down the street with a bucket on her head
Cultural Babywearing - traditional baby carriers - Wrap Your Baby
two young boys are playing with each other
a woman holding a baby in her arms while standing next to dry grass and trees