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an image of some type of paper with different designs on it and instructions for how to make
禪繞畫圖案設計Zentangle pattern -PINEPLE-damy的快樂隨意作拼布刺繡禪繞|痞客邦
(2015-10) Pineple
some flowers are flying in the air
Как нарисовать узор Зентангл цветок, 18
the instructions for how to draw an intricate design in pencil and ink, with text below
Tangles and Stuff
the instructions for how to draw an intricate heart - shaped design in pencil and ink
Zentangle patterns
Zentangle patterns
an image of different types of cross stitchs
Quaternary-Tangle pattern
Quaternary-Tangle pattern by molossus, who says Life Imitates Doodles, via Flickr
several different types of drawings are shown in black and white
Zentangle Patterns & Ideas
Zentangle Patterns & Ideas
a calendar is sitting on top of a piece of paper with the word february written in it
Not Sure What To Call This Post...
Guarantees a doodle a day!. Much nicer way to mark the passage of time than the black diagonal lines.
an orange and white drawing with swirls on the bottom, surrounded by snowflakes
Shelly Beauch
Shelly Beauch
an old book page with different types of lines and dots on it, including the words chebuto
CHEBUCTO tangle instructions
Zentangle pattern Chebucto
the diagram shows how to make an origami pattern with different shapes and sizes
-*Art-Tangle-Club / Tangel-kunst
a diagram showing how to draw the lines in different colors and directions for each line
News from Zentangle
Beeline an official tangle by Maria Thomas, Zentangle co-founder
a notebook with some black and white drawings on it
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Zentangle Inspired 3-D Cube
three different pictures with some writing on them and one has an art project in it
Cross contour line exercise - created via
a drawing of a flower with instructions for how to draw it
Born Under A Lucky Star
Making A Moote Point: Born Under A Lucky Star
the diagram shows how to draw an intricate pattern
禪繞畫圖案設計Zentangle pattern -OHOHO哦一哦~-damy的快樂隨意作拼布刺繡禪繞|痞客邦
(2014-08) Ohoho