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the woman is hanging out her dress on the rack in the room with the window open
Helpful wedding planning tips
1. Consider whether you need to ask other people's opinions about wedding related things. I did this a lot at the start and it made me second guess EVERYTHING because there were some things I loved but they weren't crazy about. Remember that your taste may be different to others but it doesn't mean your taste is bad. 2. Get GOOD vendors and then TRUST THEM. I am a strong believer that experts do their best work when they are not micromanaged. 3. With that said - one of the best decisions we made was micromanaging our dancefloor playlist lol. The dancefloor was full the whole night. 4. You probably won't sleep well the night before. I was awake from 3am onwards. You WILL feel ok and not tired on the day (the adrenaline will kick in!) Don't work yourself up into a tizzy whilst lying in bed a
a man and woman taking a selfie in front of a mirror with their reflection
How's wedding planning going? I'm stressed already and it's over 1yr away C I feel you. And congrats!!! We have booked a venue for march 2024 and that's all I've done. Most vendors don't allow you to book until one year in advance so I need to wait until next year to lock them in. I've already done a lot of the research and have picked who I want for most categories and put them into my wedding spreadsheet 0g erg we. Some of them have put me on their waitlist so they will contact me directly whe
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Snuggle this muggle
a group of women standing next to each other on a beach
each dress is a lighter hue until the bride in white walks in Wedding
kitchen sink drainer with cutting board and strainer for draining vegetables in the sink
33 Insanely Clever Things Your Small Apartment Needs
An All-in-One Over-the-Sink Cutting Board
a pair of yellow rain boots with daisies in them
Please leave your boots at the door
Darling Spring Time "Rain Boots" Wreath for the Front children's boots at a thrift or discount store and paint them a bright color, add flowers & a bow...instructions included by the Red Hen Home.
stairs under the stair way with shoes in them and an open drawer underneath it for storage
Long Beach Homes For Sale In Southern California - Long Beach CA Real Estate
drawers in stairs