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someone is holding up an open book with pictures and words on it in front of some buildings
I had a wonderful time in Copenhagen ✨ Here’s a picture of my journal in Nyhavn, one of the most iconic places in this city! #nyhavn…
I need to get my life together for real! Tenk Positivt, Vie Motivation, Get My Life Together, Mental Training, Life Improvement, Self Care Activities, New Energy, Good Habits, Self Care Routine
7 Ways To Be A More Put-Together Person | Figuring Out Now
I need to get my life together for real!
a printable habit tracker with flowers and words on the top, including self - care
#habittracker #bulletjournal #habittrackerideas #bujo
an open planner with hearts and arrows on it
busy week ahead! ❤️ thanks for hanging out with me during this week’s livestream! i really missed doing them ✨
an open planner with flowers on it and a blue pen next to the pages that have been written in
Weekly spread for the last week of July
an open notebook with the word april written on it and colored pencils next to it
Bullet journal monthly cover page, April cover page, hand lettering, geometric design drawing. | @studio80design
an open planner with flowers and pen on it
23 Bullet Journal Spread Ideas You'll Want to Copy - Page 2 of 2 - StayGlam
Pretty Weekly Schedule for Bullet Journal #bujo #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #planner #organization
June weekly spread www.instagram.com/being.karlyn #bujo #juneweeklyspread #bulletjournallayout #bulletjournal #junebujo #june Kalender Design, Bullet Journal Page, Journal Weekly, To Do Planner
June weekly spread www.instagram.com/being.karlyn #bujo #juneweeklyspread #bulletjournallayout #bulletjournal #junebujo #june
a person holding a pen in front of a notebook with the words monday written on it
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A weekly spread with pink accents and flower drawings in bullet journal | Bullet Journal Weekly | Flower Weekly | Handlettering | Bujo #handlettering #bujo #bulletjournal
an open planner with flowers on it next to two markers and a pen that says march
Friday Finds: Pink Bullet Journal Theme ⋆ The Petite Planner
Pink Bullet Journal Monthly Setup
an apple watch and a notebook with the body tracker on it next to a pen
5 Must-Have Health and Fitness Bullet Journal Spreads ⋆ The Petite Planner
Weight Loss Tracker in Bullet Journal
an open planner with flowers and writing on it
trying out a more simple layout inspired by @bujokayla ! I’ve been so in love with her account lately 🤩🤩 I might switch to making some…