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a small kitten sitting on top of a red cushion next to a wall with the caption, my crush is here i better behave as cool as i can - Halp Retarded Kitten
a dog sitting on top of a bed covered in blue plastic bags and litter paper
a black and white cat with a hat on it's head
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a close up of a rhino's face with dirt on the ground behind it
Rhino. Serengeti. African Safari. Tanzania. East Africa © Nora de Angelli / by Nora De Angelli / 500px
a small dog wearing a hat with the caption seriously, what kind of turtle is this?
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a guinea pig sitting on top of a video game controller
a gray cat sitting on top of a couch with it's tongue hanging out
25 Retarded Animals
a dog that is laying down on the ground with caption in spanish above it
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a dog in a tuxedo is sitting on a bench and looking up at the sky
12 Most Ridiculous Animal Weddings
a small dog in a cage with a note attached to it