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a poem written in red and black with the words line up song on it's side
Farm Storytime Rhyme 80A
a blue and black polka dot frame with the words carpet song
Carpet Song Poster
a poem written in red, white and blue with the words do wish daddy on it
Farm Storytime Rhyme 80A
it's time to end the day with an image of children in front of a clock
Goodbye Songs for Preschoolers
a sign that says goodbye to the children in front of him and his moms
four cards with different types of animals and words
Transition Series: 5 Tips For Coming To The Carpet - Missing Tooth Grins
a poster with the words give me five written in different font and pictures on it
Research and Play
'Give Me Five' Whole Body Listening Sign
the listening song for children with ladybug and butterfly on it's back
The Listening Song for kids. Joe from parks are rec, aka Keegan Michael Key, sang this song!
the line up chart for teaching about pumpkins
Bubbles Poster