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a cartoon seahorse is standing in the ocean with corals and other marine life
Beautiful funny colorful seahorse
Красивый забавный красочный морской конек. Schönes lustiges buntes Seepferdchen.
a pair of earrings with colorful feathers hanging from it's earwires on a person's hand
Zentangle Peacock Feather Earrings, Hand Painted, Lightweight - Etsy
the earrings are decorated with pink flowers and green leaves on blue glass beaded earwires
Hand painted jewelry
Haathi Drop Earrings - Anisha Parmar London Rajasthani Art, Diwali Outfits, Bird Fabric, Handmade Elephant, Pink City, Elephant Earrings, Diwali Gifts, Pink Acrylic, Pink Acrylics
Haathi Drop Earrings
Description The Haathi is also a regular feature in traditional Mughal and Rajasthani art. Colours for these artworks were traditionally extracted from natural materials like plants and shells, and gold and silver were regularly used too. Inspired by this style of art, these statement earrings are made of laser-cut ivory marble & hot pink acrylic, with engraved and gold hand-painted details on the jhul (saddle cloth) and seeri (headdress). - Handmade elephant earrings - Inspired by Mughal ar
pair of black and white earrings with red beads on grey table top, viewed from above
Artist Profile | Michelle Lowden
Pueblo Pottery Earrings (Beyond Buckskin Boutique - Native American Fashion)
Terracotta design Mandalas, Clay Jwellary Design, Terracotta Design
Terracotta design