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pumpkin toss game for kids to play in the halloween themed area with cups and candy
Pumpkin Toss: Simple Party Games for Children
Work on fine and gross motor skills with play! A perfect addition to any preschool Halloween party or October child's birthday party, this simple game is fun for kids of all ages. | Pumpkins | Halloween | Party Games | Preschool | Games for Kids |
a zebra made out of strips of black and white paper with the words z is for zebra
Letter of the Week: Z is for Zebra Preschool Craft
Z is for Zebra letter of the week crafts for preschoolers
a paper cut out of a mouse with two ears and one eye on it's face
Oriental Trading
“M Is For Mice” Letter M Craft Kit..this is so cute to do with every letter and then make a book out of them at the end of the alphabet
the letter w is made out of watermelon paper
Letter Crafts - Uppercase & Lowercase
A great way to incorporate an image into a letter. This will help the students link an object with the letter and can potentially help them remember letters and objects of that letter.
handprints are being used to make masks on the screen, and then they're
How to Make a Mask using Handprints
How to Make a Mask using Handprints
lunches for a preschool and 1st grader
Lunches for everyone
A week of school lunch inspiration from Painting Sunny. For preschooler and first-grader More lunches & DETAILS
a book cover with pictures of farm animals and toys in the water, on top of a
Wash the Muddy Farm Animals Sensory Play - The Imagination Tree
Wash the muddy farm animals sensory play for babies, toddlers and preschoolers! This is taste-safe and so much fun for messy play times!
yogurt and other ingredients are shown in this image
Soft + Squishy Yogurt Putty
2 ingredient Yogurt Silly Putty. So soft and fun - must try!
an image of splat exploring gravity through art
Splat Art: Explore Science and Art in Preschool
Fun with physics AND art!
a poster with different types of fingerprints on it
Fingerprint Art! EASY! Great for 5+ year-olds -they love using their imaginations. For the younger kiddo's they can do the stamping and you can help them with the faces (Caterpillars are a good animal for one for the littler kids to make).
four small toothpicks with green leaves and yellow pom - poms on them
DIY Paintbrushes for Kids
Make Your Own Paintbrushes for Kids! Click for tutorial and to read about the importance of playing with textures in early childhood
an orange and black butterfly sitting on top of a letter b
Totally Tots ~ Now I Know My ABCs
lowercase letter crafts - we could just draw our letters and then turn them into these animals. not sure how much benefit there is to the actual crafts.
the alphabet book is filled with colorful books and pencils to make it look like they are
Alphabet Curriculum Notebook
Alphabet Curriculum Notebook from Preschool Mom. Low Prep, Low Ink, Print Ready. Perfect for Home Preschool, or K4 Curriculum. Classroom License Available.
a child is playing with a basket made out of toothpicks and sticks on the table
"Grabbing Spiders Through the Web" Fine Motor Activity (from The Little Montessori School / Ms. Stephanie's Preschool)
the printable worksheet for all about me and their free printables
Last Day of School "All About Me"
Last Day of School All About Me Free Printable Interviews