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penguins are standing in the snow with their arms up and one penguin is raising his hands
Happy Feet - Boogie Wonderland
Brain Break! Happy Feet - Boogie Wonderland 3 minutes
an animated image of a yellow bird next to a red background with the words puccino pio
PULCINO PIO - Le poussin cha cha cha (Official video karaoke)
fun brain break in French
an old tv with the word f is for dad on it
5-a-day Disco en francais - Resources « G.Y.M.
5-a-day Disco en francais. Being Active 5 Minutes a FRENCH!!!
an animated image of two cartoon characters on a picnic blanket
Adjective Song from Grammaropolis - "Paint the Way"
Adjective Song from Grammaropolis
a cartoon monkey with big eyes standing in the jungle
La danse d'Igor avec soustitres
brain break