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a person holding up a cross stitch art piece
THE BOAT - a pleaset ride (12"hoop) Completely hand embroidered, took nearly 38days to make this piece❤ Hope you guys will enjoy it.
a close up of a wooden object with fish in the water and grass on it
People Are Layering Embroidery Designs To Make Intricate Koi Ponds
a close up of a blue and white bead work on a wooden hoop frame
Teal French Knot Progression Embroidery Hoop from Sarah Hennessey 2
a close up of a embroidery on a piece of cloth with leaves and fish in it
Tried out doing an organza koi pond
a close up of a cross stitch pattern with fish and waterlilies on it
My take on the Baobap/Koi Pond pattern from the DNC site
two pictures of different types of plants on a wall
SCOUTED: Sarah Benning embroidered plant artworks - We Are Scout
Sarah Benning's Potted Garden embroidered artwork, available to purchase from her Etsy shop.