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three different types of computer mouses with labels on the front and back sides, all in
Earth's Atmosphere Interactive Notebook
Nitty Gritty Science: Earth's Atmosphere - Introducing the next chapter in the Earth Science Interactive Notebook Series!
a blue and green plate sitting on top of a table next to a brown wall
shaving cream art for kids
Awesome Earth Day art project made with paint and shaving cream
two playdoughs sitting next to each other on a table
Layers of the Earth Playdough
Layers of the Earth playdough!! Uber awesome Earth Day activity, mini geology unit or just because.
a close up of a paper plate hanging from a window sill with the words mom on it
Stained Glass Planet Earth {Earth Day Craft}
Stained Glass Planet Earth | Mom On Timeout A fun Earth day craft for kids!
the earth is made out of paper and then cut into smaller pieces to make it look like
Earth Day Activity for Kids
earth day craft for kids. Fun classroom art activity.