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a flow diagram with the words, find the type of yoga that's right for you
Find The Type Of Yoga That's Right For You
Find you which type of yoga to choose. Finding out the difference between yin yoga, vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, strala yoga, iyengar yoga, and acroyoga. Find out the difference between the dynamic, flow styles of yoga and the calmer, more relaxing styles of yoga and which one fits your needs and wishes best. #yogapractice #yoga #yogaathome #homeyogapractice #typesofyoga
a person doing a handstand with the words how to assist if you're physically ready to practice handstands
How to Assess if You're Ready to Practice Handstands Yet
How to tell if you have the strength and mobility necessary to practice handstands with ease, balance, and control or whether you need to spend more time improving wrist and shoulder strength and flexibility and core strength for handstand first. Drills to increase strength and prep for hand balancing. Learn what is required to do the yoga pose handstand or Adho Mukha Vrksasana in your yoga practice. Everything you need to go upside down #yoga #inversion #yogapractice #handstand #handbalancing
a woman doing a handstand with the words overcoming fear on the top and bottom
How to overcome your fear of handstands
Everything you need to know about practicing handstands safely and in a way that teaches you to overcome your fear little by little. Drills to physically and mentally prepare your body and your mind for handstands. Whether you're completely new to handstands in your yoga practice or have tried inversions before. #yoga #handstand #yogaathome #yogapractice #inversion
a woman is doing yoga on the ground with her arms stretched out and legs crossed
10 Quality Yoga Brands You'll Love
The best yoga brands out there producing high quality and beautifully designed yoga wear, yoga mats, and yoga props. Cute yoga clothes such as yoga pants, yoga leggings, yoga bras, yoga tops. Nice & high quality yoga gear and props such as yoga blocks, yoga straps, yoga wheel, bolsters, feetup, meditation cushions etc. Everything you need to thrive in your yoga practice and make an investment in your home yoga practice with props that last. Sweat proof sticky mats #yoga #yogapractice #yogaoutfit
a woman doing yoga on the beach with text overlay that reads quality and beautiful yoga brands you'll love
Beautiful Yoga Wear Brands You'll LOVE - the most comfy, soft, and cute yoga outfits for women
Comfy, soft, and cute yoga outfits for women + available discount codes to get 15% off. Beautiful, sustainable, and quality activewear & athletic wear from the top yoga brands: Lululemon, Organic Basics, Moonchild Yoga Wear, Vayumudra, Free People Movement, K-DEER, etc. The softest yoga pants and yoga leggings you'll ever practice in. Yoga clothes that last and feel like a second skin, sweat proof and squat proof. #yoga #yogapractice #athleticwear #activewear #sportswear #yogapants #yogaoutfits
three people are sitting on the beach in yoga poses and meditates with their feet crossed
15 Lessons I Learned In My First Month As A Brand New Yoga Teacher
The things I learned when I first started teaching yoga as a brand new yoga teacher. How to become a good yoga teacher, how to facilitate and sequence your yoga classes, how to teach classes at studios and make them inclusive for everyone. How to start and end your yoga classes, which poses that are best for morning classes and which are best for evening classes. How to hold space, find your voice, be approachable, warm, and welcoming as a yoga teacher. How to offer yoga pose modifications #yoga
a woman sitting on the floor with her legs crossed in front of her and text overlaying how to choose the right yoga teacher training
The Things That Get In The Way Of Having A Joyful, Empowering, And Fulfilling Yoga Practice
The patterns of self-doubt, lack of boundary setting, comparison, and more that get in the way of creating a fulfilling yoga self-practice at home for ourselves. How to change your mindset to cultivate joy, empowerment, and self-confidence in your yoga practice and in your life.. #yogapractice #homeyogapractice #yogamindset.
a woman doing yoga in the middle of a field with text overlay that reads everything you need to know to do wheel pose
Everything You Need To Know To Do Wheel Pose Well
How to enter and exit wheel safely, how to modify wheel pose to your needs, how to build flexibility and strength so you can backbend even deeper and improve your wheel pose, and how to do different variations of wheel pose and transitions to create yoga flows with wheel (urdhva dhanurasana).
a woman sitting on the floor with her legs crossed in front of her and text overlaying how to choose the right yoga teacher training
How To Choose The Right Yoga Teacher Training
How to choose the right yoga teacher training for you picking between teachers, locations, style of yoga, yoga school, and many other things to pick the one for you. Choose how long you want your course to be - most people do a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training course. How to find your intention for taking a training and knowing what would give you the best possible experience! #yoga #yogateachertraining #yogateacher
a woman doing yoga poses with the words, sun saltations for beginners
Yoga Beginner's Flow - The Sun Salutations
SHOP MY OUTFIT WITH 15% OFF: go to and use the code: CAMIM15 at checkout. How to do the sun salutations, the sequences practiced in yoga to the rhythm of the breath. The sun salutations are a great way to start flowing in your own home yoga practice and to start using the breath mindfully in your yoga practice.
a woman is doing yoga outside in the grass with her arms up and legs spread out
Shop Cute, Eco-Friendly Yoga Outfits from Moonchild Yoga Wear
Cute, sustainable, and comfy yoga clothes from Moonchild Yoga Wear. Get 15% off the entire store with discount code: CAMIM15. Find your next yoga outfit for women; seamless, quality & affordable yoga leggings, yoga pants for summer & winter, & beautiful, stylish yoga bra. Pretty & chic activewear + yoga outfits for hot yoga. Quality fabric that shows no sweat marks. Athletic outfits for women doing any form of sport or exercise such as pilates, yoga, acroyoga, running, dance. #yoga #outfit
a woman doing yoga on the beach with text overlay saying 21 minds shifts to make your
Make Your Yoga Practice Fulfilling - 21 Mindset Shifts To Keep You Joyfully Practicing Consistently
The mindset shifts you need to find fulfillment, joy, and empowerment in your home yoga practice and avoid the weight of all the should dos and the pressure holding you back. How you can thrive and create make your yoga practice a daily, joyful habit. How to motivate yourself to practice and how to fit yoga into a busy schedule, how to make time to do a yoga pose every day.
a yoga mat with the words how to start a home yoga practice in front of it
How To Start A Home Yoga Practice - A Beginner's Guide
Are you a beginner yogi looking to start a home yoga practice? This guide explains everything you need to start, how to start, and tips for beginners starting their home practice. It also covers how to fit yoga into a busy schedule, staying motivated, as well as a bunch of other great tips for beginners! #yogaforbeginners #yogaathome #homeyogapractice #yoga #yogaposes #yogainspiration
a woman is doing yoga in the grass
Yoga Fashion Clothing: Cute Leggings, Tops, and Bras
Get 15% off Moonchild Yoga Wear - use discount code: CAMIM15. Shop really cute yoga outfit styles from Moonchild Yoga Wear. Both comfortable, affordable, and eco-conscious. Choose yoga pants and leggings, yoga tops and bras. Some of the nicest yoga clothes out there.
a woman doing a handstand with the words learn to hand stand above her head
Comfy & High Quality Moonchild Yoga Wear
Shop high quality, comfortable, and sustainable yoga athleisure wear / athletic clothes / activewear from Moonchild Yoga Wear. Use discount code: CAMIM15 to get 15% off the entire shop. Cute yoga outfits for women and yoga clothes such as yoga leggings, yoga pants, yoga tops, yoga bras, yoga mats. Everything you need to feel good when you practice yoga.