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an elephant shaped metal object with a watch on it's back and its tail hanging from the wall
Halskæde vedhæng lavet ud af en gaffel
two children's drawings are displayed on the couch in front of someones hand
Hr. Og fru. Stormund
two pieces of paper with red and white designs on them
Snor med maling på. Læg snoren i en bog og luk bogen og riv snoren ud
a blue and white drawing on top of a piece of paper next to some pens
Pendant Necklace, Pendant
an elephant shaped pendant hangs from a black cord
Taske lavet af traktordæk og cykelslange Leather, Backpacks, Leather Backpack
Taske lavet af traktordæk og cykelslange
a living room filled with furniture and clothes hanging on a rack next to a gray couch
four forks are sitting on top of a piece of wood
two black and white teddy bears are on the floor next to each other, one is drawn with chalk
Coffee Bag, Trash Can
an open book with a drawing of a pig