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an animated image of a woman dressed in purple and black, pointing to the right
Mulan matchmaker - Bing images
two pictures of a woman's purple and blue dress with an orange bird on it
Custom Running Costumes, Apparel and Gift Items
Mulan Matchmaker Running Costume - Matchmaker Fire Butt Costume - Mulan Cosplay
a cartoon character is riding on top of a cloud with another character in the background
Walt Disney World Apparel & Merchandise | shopDisney
DISNEY PINS MULAN & MATCHMAKER on Fire LE 500 "You may look like a bride, but you will never bring honor to your family!"
an animated woman holding a piece of paper in her hand
The Matchmaker
The Matchmaker - Disney Wiki - Wikia
the evil disney character is pouring tea into a pot and holding his hands out in front of him
Hidden Secrets
When the matchmaker grabs Mulan’s arm and the paint from Mulan’s notes get on her hand, the paint is rubbed onto her face, but not on the handle of the teapot she gives Mulan.
an animated image of two women talking to each other in front of a stage curtain
Mulan Mulan and Matchmaker Employee-Only Limited Edition Cel | Lot #95195 | Heritage Auctions
Mulan Mulan and Matchmaker (Walt Disney, 1998).