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four different shades of brown, orange, and tan on a white background with the words when pumpkin is common clove
hidden thread. on Twitter
Hidden thread. on Twitter: "🎨✨🗓… "
four different shades of green, brown, and beige paint on white paper with the words olive
August Color Scheme - Oaklyn Studio
August Color Scheme - Click for color codes | Oaklyn Studio
the minimalist color palettes are shown in three different shades, including beige and white
8 Minimalist Color Palettes that you can use for your Brand
Minimalist color combinations that you can use for your own brand! Includes the base of our own color palette for our own brand. #colorpalettes #minimalist #branding
several different shades of paint on a white surface
Mustard + orange. Jasmine Dowling
four paint cans with different colors and brushes next to one that has been painted on
Murals - Abstract Interior Mural
Abstract Interior Mural by Tiffany Lusteg seen at Christina Sfez, San Diego | Wescover
four different colors of paint sitting on top of each other next to each other in cans
how to use the psychology of color in your branding | Simply Sianne
Orange tones can evoke emotions of confidence and friendliness. Orange can easily bring about feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth. Being a fun, energetic hue, orange is a great attention grabber in your brand elements. The color also conveys value. Brands that use orange in their branding are perceived as friendly and cheerful. #orange #psychologyofcolor #brandingcolors
a woman's face with lines drawn on her face and hands behind her head
I N S T A G R A M @EmilyMohsie
Claire Plekhoff /based in Paris - PERSONAL Make Up Looks, Editorial, Make Up, Makeup Inspo, Editorial Makeup, Makeup Looks, Makeup Base, Makeup Artist, Face Makeup
Claire Plekhoff /based in Paris - PERSONAL
a woman with her hands painted white and black
story inspiration, writing inspiration, character inspiration
a person's hand with blue paint on it
danielodowd: (Death by Elocution)
danielodowd: More
a woman's face with lines drawn on her face and hands behind her head
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a woman sitting on the floor in front of paintings
Pinterest: @kitkat_xxi
a person standing on top of a dirty floor covered in paint and other art supplies
Sally Mustang (@sallymustang) • Instagram photos and videos