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a small monkey sitting on top of a tree branch
Helyanwe's Incoherent Ramblings [Helyanwe]
a raccoon standing on top of a mossy rock covered in snow and lichen
What Is a Tanuki? 8 Surprising Tanuki Facts
Raccoon dogs are the only canines that hibernate during the winter
a monkey sitting on top of a tree branch with it's face slightly closed
Japanese macaque on the rock
A Japanese (red headed) macaque sitting at the end of a stone and looking towards me.
a lynx sitting in the middle of a forest looking at the camera with an alert look on its face
The Beauty of Wildlife — Lynx by René Unger
The Beauty of Wildlife — Lynx by René Unger
an antelope looks at the camera while standing in front of some green plants
Portrait of Japanese serow
a gray and white animal standing on top of a tree
Serow | Description, Types, & Facts