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a shark with its mouth open in the water
Bottlenose Dolphin. This is not from seaworld, wild bottlenose dolphins coming to shore at Monkey Mia, Shark Bay in Western Australia.
some rocks in the sand under a blue sky with white clouds and wispy clouds
Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park, Western Australia - Reminds me very much of a place I visited in Arequipa Peru!
a bird sitting on top of a tree branch with blue sky in the back ground
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Blue-winged Kookaburra. Photo taken at Deep Reach Pool, Fortescue River, Millstream-Chichester National Park, Western Australia, Australia
a river surrounded by lots of trees and bushes
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Chapman Pool, a beautiful camping spot south of Margaret River on a tributary of the Blackwood River.
the beach is surrounded by trees and blue water
Camping in Denmark, Albany and Walpole. Campgrounds along the south coast, Rainbow Coast, Western Australia - The Great South West Edge
Camping in Denmark, Albany and Walpole. Campgrounds along the south coast, Rainbow Coast, Western Australia - The Great South West Edge
four different colored lakes in the ocean
Unusual Pink Colored Lake Hillier in Australia
The naturally pink Lake Hillier, Middle Island, Western Australia.
people are swimming in the clear blue water on a sunny day at an australian beach
Photo Cottesloe Beach in Perth - Pictures and Images of Perth - 550x820 - Autore: Redazione
Cottesloe beach, Perth, Western Australia. My favorite beach in Perth <3 2007-2010
several dolphins swimming in the ocean with a sailboat in the background
These are the Most Beautiful Pictures of Australia
The dolphins coming to shore at Monkey Mia, Western Australia
a person sitting on the ground in front of a park bench with palm trees and buildings in the background
21 Exciting Things To Do In Perth, Western Australia
12 Reasons to Visit Perth - Western Australia
an old building with a clock on it's face and the words fremntile above it
Fremantle Markets
Fremantle Market, Western Australia (built in 1897) by David Naylor // one of my favorite places
the water is crystal blue and clear with white sand on it's shore, near an island in the distance
Bathurst Lighthouse, Rottnest Island R225P • Christian Fletcher Gallery
Bathurst Lighthouse, Rottnest Island - Western Australia Coast
a small waterfall is coming out of the side of a cliff into a blue pool
25 Outstanding National Parks In Australia To Set Foot On
Karijini National Park - Western Australia. Plan your next vacation at
an aerial view of the blue lagoons and coral reefs in australia's great barrier
✯ Shark Bay, Western Australia.
Shark Bay, Western #Australia #City_Edge_Apartment_Hotels #Cityedge
two small brown animals standing next to each other on a dirt road with trees in the background
Australia the most popular country on Instagram
The quokka, otherwise known as the happiest animal in the world, is native to small islands off the coast of Western Australia. The pair of the cuddly critters is captured here by Elisa Detrez