Dogs are truly funny and loving pets. Does your dog ever look at you when you are eating food at the table? Can you resist that face? We love dog memes!

Baby Dusky Langur by Troup1: This tribe of dusky langurs in Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand live at the base of a sacred mountain sandwiched between an air force base and a town. They cannot be sustained by the mountains resources and have been fed by the local people. They are very gentle, playful and sweet natured. This particular young male is very used to my presence and is a great model. #Dusky_Langur #Troup1 #Thailand

Butterfly Symbolism ­The spiritual meaning of the totem animal Butterfly conveys the choice to transcend, and is therefore the greatest symbol of our power ...

when the vegan meat is a little too realistic / vegan meme / vegan humor /vegan lifestyle / veganism

How could you not smile at this face?!


I volunteer at Animal Control. People surrender semi-aged dogs each week. It's an honor to walk, throw a ball and chat with them. While we walk I tell each one how beautiful and good and special they are. They beam with delight. So much easier than a pupp


Getting Started Raising goats can be easy! Find out how to choose your first goats through how to take care of your goats daily.