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Artist Behind Viral #ShePersisted Drawing Hopes To Remind Women They Are Not Alone | The Huffington Post

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Yup, and I am sick and tired of putting up with not enough of my needs being met. I have lost a lot, and I am sick and tired of waiting around for something that might never happen... since excuses keep being made. Children of abuse are able to put up with more inappropriate behavior, and I have waited fucking long enough. This is fucking bullshit.

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“Getting new business cards made. Perhaps being a human is overrated. I want to dance in the sky.”

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Recognize, respond to, and validate your child's emotions.

“When someone is in your heart, they’re never truly gone. They can come back to you, even at unlikely times.” – Mitch Albom * loveqns,, quote, quotes, story, passion, love, desire, lust, romance, romanticism, heartbreak, heartbroken, longing, devotion, poetry, paramour, amour, devotion,

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I think if people could step inside a person who has been betrayed by the love of their life and feel the agony it causes, no one who is human would have it in their heart to

Aging with style. Singing with the window down while driving....