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an orange and green building with balconies on top
Esch Sintzel Architekten, Paola Corsini, Philip Heckhausen · Conversion of a Wine Storage into Housing
Esch Sintzel Architekten, Philip Heckhausen, Paola Corsini · Conversion of a Wine Storage into Housing · Divisare
the building is green and red with many windows on each floor, along with several tables and chairs
Umnutzung Weinlager, Basel
an apartment building with several balconies and plants on the windows sills
Gallery of La Fantaisie Hotel / PETITDIDIERPRIOUX Architects - 5
a white building with a yellow awning over it's door and window sill
the ceiling is decorated with gold and white trim, but has a palm tree in the center
a blue door with some glass blocks on it
CLOCK HOUSE _ LONDON _ ARCHMONGERS — FRENCH+TYE | Documenting Architecture + The Built Environment