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an old fashioned camera with a light bulb on it's head sitting on a wooden table
Mini Wave Projector
four different black and white images with abstract designs on them, each depicting an individual's body
African Mix Posters.
there are many different pictures of food made to look like animals Elke dag een ontdekking | Ontdek. Bewaar. Deel.
a face made out of bread with berries on the side and green leaves around it that says teach kids how to make sandwiches
How to Teach Kids to Make Their Own Sandwiches + Free Printable
Teaching Kids How to Make Sandwiches {with a printable} | Healthy Ideas for Kids Teaching kids how to make sandwichesSandwiches are the very first thing I taught my kids to make in the kitchen. Teaching kids to prepare their own food is as important as teaching them life skills like keeping a budget and taking showers! When kids learn to prepare food, they learn more than how to make a healthy meal.
there is a plastic bin with legos in it next to a bed and bookshelf
Her er stylistens trick til at indrette små smalle rum optimalt