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a black and white drawing of a fairy holding flowers
the young man is wearing headphones in front of a black background
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two people standing in the woods and one is holding something up to her chest with both hands
group of young people pointing at the camera
a cartoon character is standing next to an old computer monitor and holding his arm up
soogyu lol
a person standing in front of microphones holding an award
Adam_1205 on Twitter
a man sitting on top of an inflatable boat next to a swimming pool
a person with headphones on their ears and wearing a headset in front of a microphone
연준아 on Twitter
a young man with blonde hair wearing a black and white striped shirt looking at the camera
a person wearing glasses and a black sweater is holding their hand up to his ear
a young man holding a red heart in his hand while wearing a black jacket and tie
a young man with black hair wearing a blue shirt
three people standing next to each other in front of a purple wall with an american music awards logo on it
Yeonjun AMA