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an elephant with the letter a on it's chest and holding onto a football ball
there is a sign that says no other labamaa to touch down on it
a man holding his hands up in the air with words above him that read, and just like that
Alabama 7, Washington 7
Alabama T-shirt "Hurt2 So Good" Jalen Hurts #Alabama #RollTide #Bama #BuiltByBama #RTR #CrimsonTide #RammerJammer Southern Girls, Alabama T Shirts, Alabama Football Team
Alabama T-shirt "Hurt2 So Good" Jalen Hurts #Alabama #RollTide #Bama #BuiltByBama #RTR #CrimsonTide #RammerJammer
an image of a football player running with the words we don't have backups
darbyyyyyy! ❦ on Twitter
"More Starters"
an old photo with the caption if i knew what i was doing it wouldn't be called research
We may be 6th now but we shall see who is in the playoffs, early predictions mean nothing!
a man in a tuxedo holding a wine glass with the caption that looks you give when you see another person with an ideal bar
an ambulance driving down the road with text that reads, when you get ran over by the tide you better call the bamalancee
a teddy bear walking down a sidewalk with the caption life is great in crimson country
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ham and swiss sliders on a plate with text overlay that reads ham and swiss sliders
Ham and Swiss Sliders Recipe
Ham and Swiss Sliders Recipe- Loaded with ham, swiss cheese and a mustard sauce all baked up to perfection. These sandwiches are delicious and over the top messy (in a good way). Perfect for game day or any party.