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two cartoon characters are talking to each other about what the hell is that?
How to Have it All: 10 Tips from Stacy on Time Management
a woman in a hat and dress with a dog on her leash is talking on the phone
Fibro fog: Yeah, it’s like that.
the text reads, i don't want to adult today i don't even want to human today today
Definitely how I feel most of the times... I hate adulting - Funny
a cartoon depicting a woman saying i'm bored when i love exinement
100 Funny Memes About Mental Illness
a drawing with the words how my brain works and other things on it, including an unintrected box
Real Life Wednesday: What's Your Passion?
a cartoon character sitting at a table with two computers on it and the caption says, i'm not a procrastinater
Seven Easy Dinner Ideas (Week 129!) - Procrastination Woes.
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Mindfulness with Mo
Psychology, What’s Going On, Self Help
Dani Donovan 📚 ADHD Comics on Twitter
Writing Tips, Funny Quotes, Writing, Normal Person
ADHD: ‘The web comics that show what my life is like’
an ad with the caption that reads,'what happens when you sleep? looks like feels like
Mindfulness with Mo