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Are you calling the shots? Are you deciding? Are you directing your life with intention and focus or are you just the audience? Passively watching your life go by? I hope you're the director. Action!!!

Don't underestimate the power of momentum. There's this snowball effect that can happen when you get the ball rolling. If you stop or slow down you often lose that momentum and it takes more to get it going again.

They are always sacrifices. Once you know this then you won't beat yourself up about making those sacrifices. Unless you're totally screwing up something then you have to shift priorities. Until then live with the sacrifices. Own them like a boss. #ownit

You can never stop paying your dues. You don't deserve anything. You're not entitled to anything. I know that sounds harsh but so many people want success before they've put in the work. And remember when you do get success - whatever that means for you because it's different for everyone - you need to maintain it and that means paying more dues. Put in the work.

Positivity just doesn't happen. You have to bring it. Nuff said!

Too many people just wanna be famous. They don't wanna put in the work. They don't want to put in the value. You need to realize sustainable attention is only achieved through constant and consistent value. Otherwise you'll just get your 15 seconds (yes I changed it to seconds sorry Warhol) of fame. What about community? What about building for the long term? Stop trying to be famous and start providing value.

Happy New Year. 2017 look out I'm coming for you and your brothers 2018 2019 and 2020!

Without having a clear idea of what your purpose is in this world you will be aimless goalless and won't achieve to your highest abilities. What are you on this planet for? Me? I'm here to help those people that truly want success to be successful. Because the more people I can help the more people they can help and this purpose this mission I'm on this can impact millions. This can change the world. That's what I'm here for.

What do you love? Comment below? Love! That's what's missing. If you love it you work at it. If you don't love it it won't be great. This is true for everything.