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the words visit the four corners are written in cursive font
almost did in 2003 but did not have time... :(
Visit the four corners.
three pyramids with the words see the great pyramids
20 Awe-Inspiring Ruins From the World’s Greatest Civilizations
the 12 best national parks in europe
12 of the Best National Parks in Europe
The 12 Best National Parks in Europe
the water is green and clear in this city with many buildings on both sides,
lucerne, switzerland | cities in europe + travel destinations #wanderlust
an empty street with the words visit abbey road and create the beatles cover
Create Your Own Perfect Bucket List
Create Your Own Perfect Bucket List - My Modern Metropolis
a group of women sitting next to each other with the words volunteer in a third world country
One Hilarious Video Perfectly Sums Up a Big Problem With Western Humanitarianism
Done! Nicaragua and Costa Rica :)