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an octopus cake with sprinkles on it's head and eyes is sitting in a cardboard box
Bager lagt ned efter Facebook-opslag: Nu skal jeg møde flere timer tidligere
Elephant truffle cake, danish, and so so cute
a rainbow cake is sitting on a table
some cake pops are in a cup with sprinkles
Popcakes med chokolade
Popcakes med chokolade | Magasinet Mad!
a facebook page with pictures of pastries on it and the caption that reads,
sjove boller
Lav nogen søde kaniner med jeres børn i køkkenet
grapes and grapes are wrapped in plastic bags with eyes on them, as if they were made to look like butterflies
Sommerfugle snacks
Lav nogen små søde sommerfugle med jeres børn
there are several pictures of different foods on the same stick, including kiwis and chocolate
Frugt is med chokolade. Kan laves med forskelligt frugt. Ex. bananer
plastic containers filled with grapes and bananas as if they're eating fruit from the same container
How to Make Cute Banana Dolphins Eating Grapes
Kids will love these mini DOLPHIN SNACKS! Great for a Mermaid Party, Under Water Party or Beach Party. Check out these other healthy snack ideas too: http://www.under5s.co.nz/results.html?q=healthy+snack+ideas&ppp=1000
two pictures of food with eyes on them, one has corn and the other has green beans
Roundup: 10 Easy Food Crafts To Make With Kids
Very Hungry Caterpillars. Such a cute easy snack for kids!
the cover of marshmallow penguins is shown with chocolate penguinies in front of them
How to Make Marshmallow Penguins
Easy marshmallow penguins - cute Christmas food idea for kids - they make great party food treats - Eats Amazing UK
there are pictures of penguins made out of banana peels and other things to make them look like they're eating bananas
Wonderful DIY Adorable Banana Penguin Snack
Adorable Banana Penguin Snack -- great for the kids after a big lunch. Check here: http://wonderfuldiy.com/wonderful-diy-adorable-banana-penguin-snack/
a bunch of bananas with faces on them in a bowl sitting on a blue table cloth
børne kager til 1 års fødselsdag
børne kager til 1 års fødselsdag - Google-søgning
some fruit in cups with flags sticking out of them
Forslag til sukkerfri fødselsdagshurlumhej side 2
Forslag til sukkerfri fødselsdagshurlumhej side 2