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an old photo of a woman wearing a dress and cardigan jacket, standing in front of a tree
Elizabeth Taylor | Colleen O'Eris
an old black and white photo of a woman wearing a dress with flowers on it
What’s this haircut/hairstyle called? (Elizabeth Taylor 1950’s)
Hat Hairstyles Short Hair, Italian Hairstyles Woman, Italian Hair, Poodle Hair, Shaggy Haircuts
The Italian Cut Hairstyle Craze of 1953
Vintage Pixie Cut, Easy 50s Hairstyles, 1950 Hairstyle, Retro Updo, Poodle Cuts
The Italian Cut Hairstyle Craze of 1953
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10 Hollywood Hairstyles of the 50s - Glamour Daze
From Brunette To Blonde, Brunette Curls, Halsey Hair, Blondes Have More Fun, Mod Hair, Blonde Haircuts, Short Sassy Hair, Haircut Inspiration
Blondes have more fun.Zendaya goes from brunette to blonde in 24 hours
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The Amazing History of Wigs: Wigs Then And Now
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35 Looks That Are Tempting Me to Cut My Long Hair Into a Pixie