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an origami sculpture on a blue surface
how to make an icosahedrons from three golden rectangles
icoshedron Más
many different shapes and sizes of paper on a white surface with shadows coming from them
Paper Sculpture Workshop
Más tamaños | Paper Sculpture Workshop | Flickr: ¡Intercambio de fotos!
two pictures side by side one shows a bench and the other shows a drain
Kunne være super fedt, at lege med ideen om at opdage stien og bogstaveligt talt åbner flisen og opgaver de mange muligheder...
a black and white photo of a tree in the middle of a walkway with trees on both sides
a red staircase leading up to an orange floor
Resin floors and wall finishes
Resin floors and wall finishes | Sphere8
a large white building sitting on the side of a road next to trees and buildings
High School in Kufstein, Austria Architect: Wiesflecker Architecture Photographer: David Schreyer
three different views of people sitting in the snow
This is the coolest art installation I have seen in a while. I love art that functions. #art
a brick building with a large glass window on the outside and bookshelves in front
an empty room with stone walls and flooring is shown in this image, there are only one light on the wall
The Musealization of the Archaeological Site of Praça Nova of São Jorge Castle, in Lisbon, a project by Portuguese architect Joao Luís Carrilho da Graca apart from being an exceptional project has also received the Piranesi Prix de Rome 2010 international prize. But, who could describe this project better than the architect himself? The following text is part of the text published in Pirenesi Prize application.
several sail boats floating on top of a body of water next to a pier and buildings
This beautiful bridge in Copenhagen
This beautiful bridge in Copenhagen
a tree with lots of wooden boxes attached to it
Het Datsja Beeldenboek
I think this is so amazing. :)
four different views of an open field with grass and water in the foregrounds
A large sinuous screen of wood designed by italian practice Cino Zucchi…