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a black and white photo with the words bloc party silent alarm in front of it
This Modern Love
Music that surrounds me.
a black and white photo of a large boat in the water with a lighthouse in the background
The Chimes
cloud nothings, attack on memory 2012
a black background with white letters on it
LaGuardia | FEWS | | Added to: #psych #prog #kraut #spotify
four men standing on top of a rock formation with their hands in their pockets and looking off into the distance
Joy Division 31st December 1977: Liverpool
four men are walking down the street together
Noel Gallagher and Oasis
Noel Gallagher and Oasis
three men are standing in the dark with their backs to each other, facing opposite directions
Never-Before-Seen Photos of the Beatles in 1964
my inspiration <3
three young men laying on the floor with one man leaning over them and looking at something
marychain_pics (@marychain_pics) on X
The Jesus and Mary Chain
two men standing next to each other wearing suits and ties
No Ifs, And Or Butts
the cover of joy division's album, atmosphere is shown in black and white
It's Hard to Find a Friend
fuckyeahmazzystar: “Hope & David, L.A., 1993 ” Mazzy Star Wallpaper, David Roback, 80s Rock Outfit, Hope Sandoval, Mazzy Star, Fashion 80s, Rock Outfits, I'm With The Band, Dynamic Duo
fuckyeahmazzystar: “Hope & David, L.A., 1993 ”
a triangle with trees and mountains in the background
A Showcase of Creative Album Artwork - GraphicMania
creative album artwork