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three cards with seahorses and anchor on them
DIY Sandy Shapes Wall Art
an ocean slime is made with blue clay and shells
Celebrate Shark Week with Ocean Slime! • The Simple Parent
there are two plastic sharks and a bottle in the box that says, why don't sharks sink? shark week science for kids
How Do Sharks Float? - Little Bins for Little Hands
a glass filled with liquid and some writing on the label that says, salt water
Salt Water Experiment | Ocean Science for Kids
an ocean zone poster with different types of animals
Learning About the Layers of the Ocean (Paint Sample Craft for Kids) -
a paper cut out of a shark's mouth with fish on the floor next to it
Feed the Shark Alphabet Game for Kids
four shark party game cards on a blue background with the words what does a shark eat for lunch?
Free Printable Shark Jokes
the life cycle of a shark activity spinner for kids to learn how to use it
Shark Life Cycle Activity for Children - Mama Teaches
the shark word search is shown in this printable worksheet for children to learn
shark word search - Monster Word Search
shark fact worksheet for kids to help students learn how to use sharks in their writing
Shark Facts for Kids (Free Printable)
a printable shark word search for kids
Shark Week Activities for Learning - Laura Kelly's Inklings
a necklace made out of white plastic with black eyes and nose shapes on it, sitting on
How To Make Shark Teeth Necklace