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All the best and easy science activities for you to do with your kids at home and in the classroom.
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Easy Craft Fun for Kids!’s Instagram profile post: “GLIDING ROBOTS || did you see my recent reel about how to make paper gliding robots? They’re so fun! I cut this robot out using my…”
Easy Craft Fun for Kids!’s Instagram profile post: “GLIDING ROBOTS || did you see my recent reel about how to make paper gliding robots? They’re so fun! I cut this robot out using my…”
some craft supplies are sitting on top of a table with text overlay that says diy overnight crystals craft
DIY Overnight Crystals Craft!
Duplo maze!
The best science activity for kids. You will only need paper and marker pens!
Difficulty: Easy Materials • White construction paper • Washable marker pens • Water
the back to school for kids with free printable worksheet
Back to School Made Easy for Kids
Make back to school easy with this fun printable calendar! This days of the week printable will be your back to school organised!
Oil and Water
ocean zones printable craft for kids to use on the beach or in the ocean
Learning About the Layers of the Ocean Craft for Kids - A Little Pinch of Perfect
We have been enjoying learning about the Ocean and especially sea animals but we had never talked about the layers of the ocean until now. Paint samples work perfectly to represent the different levels, but if you don’t have any on hand you can always use layers of paper. When we were finished with this activity …
there are many different colored candies in the cupcake tins on the table
23 egg carton crafts that are easy as can be
the instructions for how to make diy sprinkle glue gems with colored crochet
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Make glue gems with this simple recipe. Great for learning and sensory play time with your kids.
Easy science project for kids to try
two hands holding a toothbrush over a plate with legos on it and blue water
Easy Craft Fun for Kids! on Instagram: “ICE PLAY || we froze some @Lego in water overnight and then thawed it with some salt water today (our lego survived ok!!). I added some…”
Science Experiment for Kids
Difficulty: Easy Materials • Small dish • Water ice cubes • String • Table salt
Mystery Color Experiment
four pops sticks are arranged in the shape of an x on a white table top
Craft Stick Exploding Boomerangs
Colorful eruptions
an electrical device is plugged into a piece of paper with the letter s on it
How to Make Salty Circuits: A Simple Circuit Project for Kids
the balloon powered sponge boat is an easy and fun activity for kids
Make a balloon powered sponge boat
Science Experiments for Kids - Ronyes Tech
Rainbow Lemon Volcano Science Experiment
a jar filled with blue liquid and the words how to make a tornado in it
How to Make a Tornado in a Jar: Fun Science for Kids!
a hand holding a cup with two toothbrushes in it and the words rub staples with your nails
Toys from Trash
Rainbow Baking Soda Volcano Experiment
Earth Day Windsock Craft for Kids
Warm and cool water experiment - density experiment for kids
four different pictures of the solar system and their corresponding parts are shown in this collage
Tornado in a bottle | Science Experiment for Kids
Water-Blooming Paper Flower - Science Experiment
Magical Paper Flowers
Fun Science Kits & Experiments for Kids
TOP 5 science crafts for kids
Spinning magnetic coins
Can ice be hot?
Air pressure science experiment
How to Make a Lemon Battery
One of the most classic science fair projects you can do is learn how to make a lemon battery. Use chemistry to generate an electric current!
Creative Paper DIY Handy Crafts
this popsicle stick catapult is perfect for kids to play with
How to Make a Popsicle Stick Catapult - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
this is an easy way to make paper lollipop wands
Como fazer Brinquedo com Canudos - Como fazer em casa
😍Fun & Easy DIY Bubble Wands with Drinking Straw for Kids
STEAM Project: Tiny Dancers (A Homopolar Motor)
String Pull Painting: String Paint Art With Acrylic Paint
an advertisement for straw airplane is shown in the foreground and on the right, a hand holding a plastic tube
Straw Airplane
Science Experience, Preschool Stem, Kindergarten Stem, Preschool Activities, Seuss Classroom
Fun Dr. Seuss Day Games & Activities
How to Make Craft Sticks
Magic Milk - A Fun Science Experiment and DIY Kid Craft
two spools of twine sitting on top of each other with the words simple machine winch
Easy STEM Activities For Kids - Little Bins for Little Hands
a group of colorful buttons sitting on top of a white table
Petri Dish Ornaments
Petri Dish Ornaments - painted by artist Michele Banks. Beautiful!
a bowl filled with pink and blue liquid next to two hands holding heart shaped cookie cutters
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the science experiment is made with fizzy rainbow powder and baking soda it's fun for kids to make
Rainbow baking soda science experiment for kids
Magic Milk Science Experiment
PicassoTiles - Mini 60 Piece 3D Magnetic Building Blocks - Mini Diamond – Raising Dragons
con esto estamos viendo como la spicomotricidad nos ayuda a tener equilibrio