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a painting of a basketball player in blue jersey and red shorts walking on the court
two basketball players standing next to each other in front of a black and white background
a basketball player holding a ball in his right hand and numbers on the other side
an image of a basketball player in front of a group of people with shoes on
two basketball players in different positions, one is about to dunk the ball
the back of a man's neck with tattoos on his body and basketballs
ARKAD TATTOO STUDIO on Instagram: "⚜️ Michael Jordan ⚜️ Tatuagem feita em mais de 50 horas (7 sessões) Artista @edergaldinotattoo #jordan #michaeljordan #jumpman #nike #tattoo #tatuagem #tattoonascostas #backtattoo #tattoorealismo #basketball #airjordan"