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a room with several balls on the floor and some lights hanging from the ceiling above it
Apartment/Conference Kredytowa / Maciej Kurkowski + Maciej Sutula
© Paulina Sasinowska, Maciej Kurkowski and Maciej Sutuła
a person standing in front of a blue and white room
The platform for architecture and design | Architonic
Water Museum by P-06 atelier, photo: FG+SG
an office building with glass walls and lots of people working at their desks in it
So Hot Right Now: Buildings Made of Glass | Yellowtrace.
Refurbishment of the Old Benalúa Station and Insertion of Casa Mediterraneo Headquarters by Manuel Ocaña del Valle |
a man sitting on the floor in an empty building
Social Housing Tower Of 75 Units In Europa Square / Roldán + Berengué
Social Housing Tower - by Roldán + Berengué
an empty room with a brick floor and white walls is seen from the entrance to another building
Aires Mateus Chosen to Design University of Architecture, Tournai
Aires Mateus
the inside of a building that has wooden walls and flooring, with a person walking through
Water Museum / Juan Domingo Santos
Water Museum | Juan Domingo Santos.
a long white hallway with marble floors and black accents on the walls, along with a bench
Mulberry House by SHoP Architects
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people are standing in front of a tall building
San Carlo Church, Lugano, Switzerland.
an empty room with several shelves and blue carpeted steps leading up to the second floor
El Espinar House by Miguel de Guzman in/ Segovia, Spain.
El Espinar House by Miguel de Guzmán in Spain | Yellowtrace.
the inside of a building with people walking around
Chetham's Music School by Stephenson: ISA Studio
Chetham's School of Music