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an outdoor water fountain made out of pipes
VERTICAL GARDENING ENVIROSCAPE LA | Photos of EnviroscapeLA … | Flickr
Vertical Gardening for beginners
If you're passionate gardener or want to become one, on the link in my bio you can find gadgets that will help you grow your home garden without being skilled or experienced ! PS. it's also amazing home decor Credit: agrotonomy
a sculpture with moss growing out of it
Modern Masters: Robert Cannon's Terraform Concrete Garden Sculpture
three gray vases sitting next to each other
Keramische Gefäße und Objekte aus Köln.
a group of trees that are standing in the woods with their trunks curled around them
Who built these ancient metal pipes deep inside a mountain cave?, page 3
a large cactus tree sitting in the middle of a field
Bldg 25 Blog - The Free People Fashion & Inspiration Blog
a large tree with many roots on top of it
a large tree growing over the top of a building in a jungle like area with people standing around it
Tomb Raider Tree at Ta Prohm
Tomb Raider Tree at Ta Prohm ancient Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia - (CC)Augapfel -
the trunk of a large tree with very long, twisted branches on it's sides
Strangler Fig 4015
Strangler Fig 4015 | Strangler fig in rainforest near Stony … | Flickr
some very old looking concrete pillars in the woods with plants growing out of one pillar
Walking Mexico: Surrealist Garden "Las Pozas" in Xilitla — Tiny World Tours
a forest filled with lots of trees covered in green snake like plants and mossy branches
Las Posas, Edward James garden image by Cyndy Allard